A quantitative arbitrage software for digital assets management based on artificial intelligence

What is Bitgo
Bitgo is a quantitative arbitrage software for digital assets management based on artificial intelligence.
Built-in trading engine based on artificial intelligence algorithm, can complete hedging transactions in milliseconds, supporting up to tens of thousands of concurrent transactions.
Real-time monitoring of asset changes between platforms, automatic deposit and withdrawal of assets.
The graphical interface shows you the price difference between exchanges in real time, allowing you to more intuitively discover changes in the market.
The unique manual trading window allows you to experience manual order placement more conveniently and quickly.
Complete risk control strategy to protect your assets.
One-click configuration, easy to get things done.
Biangular arbitrage
Convenient and simple basic settings enable quick start.
The advanced settings that can be filtered make it easy to set different arbitrage portfolios and strategies to adapt to different market conditions.
With extremely low CPU and network utilization, and microsecond-level computing processing, it can support the arbitrage of all currency pairs.
It supports the status display of trading API and market API, with WYSIWYG feature.
The spread arbitrage sheet is shown in the two-dimensional table form, which is intuitive and convenient.
The trading interface allows one-click control of the start and stop of trade , deposit and withdrawal.
Trading records can be filtered to facilitate statistics and analysis of trading performance and set of trading strategies.
Professional risk control guarantees the security of trading.
The customized trading strategy allows setting the parameters such as the waiting time for cancellation after the timeout, abnormal order placing time, slippage rate, etc. to improve the rate of return of the trade.
Plan trade
When the latest traded price in the market meets the set trigger price, the planned order will be sent to the market. When the latest traded price in the market deviates from the pre-set trigger price, the order will be cancelled in the market.
Manual Trade
It supports trades of all currency pairs across all exchanges.
It can switch quickly between different exchanges without manual currency switching.
Double-click on delegation depth data can get auto-fill to achieve the quick trade.
The convenient confirmation alert for order placing ensures the security and speed of the trade.
A quick and easy right-click menu entry is provided in the Account Details.
Automatic deposit and withdrawal
The convenient deposit address and withdrawal fee configuration support the automatic update of the withdrawal fee.
The simple and clear automatic withdrawal configuration provides configuration and description on the number of coins held, deposit threshold and withdrawal threshold.
It features convenient manual withdrawal, with the automatic prompt for withdrawal amount and withdrawal fee.
The semi-automatic withdrawal function allows users to manually detect the currency and amount to be withdrawn and deposited after configuring the deposit and withdrawal settings, and withdraw coins according to the prompt.
The fully automatic withdrawal function allows opening and closing with one click, and is equipped with withdrawal risk control, to ensure the security of funds.
Withdrawal records can be checked, to facilitate tracking the movement of funds.
Funds statistics
Account Overview function allows making statistics of the market value, price, and the proportion of assets of each currency.
Account Details function allows quickly checking the asset distribution of each currency on each platform and indicates the shortage of arbitrage assets with a yellow background color.
The number of assets held by the account and the asset deviation reminder can be set separately or with one click, to facilitate the management of the distribution of assets.
Trading statistics
The display mode of combining bar charts and diagrams makes the statistical analysis more intuitive.
Detailed statistical analysis enables users to clearly know the returns of a certain currency, a currency pair and a market pair.
The analysis of return statistics and performance statistics is helpful to adjust the trading strategy and enhance the trading returns.

Recommended configuration

Overseas Windows 64-bit server is recommended for running the software.

Minimum software configuration: 1-core 2G server; 2-core 4G server recommended; higher configuration: 4 cores, 8G.


Security assurance

The system encrypts and stores key information such as user API on the local computer without uploading to the server, so as to ensure the security of user API and other key information.API is only encrypted to transmit to the exchange when an access request is made.


Rebate mechanism

After signing up and activating the account, users can immediately enjoy 10USDT equivalent point card;

The system allows recommending an unlimited number of friends, and the user can enjoy a 10% service charge rebate upon his/her friend’s successful sign-up;

For the recharge discount, the more the recharge, the greater the discount, with up to a discount of 50% of service charge.

Supported exchanges
How to get started

Sign up

Please download our software at the top of the page first.

Create your free account in the software and verify your email. Your email is used for communications related to your account, and important updates and announcements from our team.


Configure API

Configure the API key of the exchange you want to use in the software to access your exchange account. It is a one-time process, which is very simple and mostly takes less than 5 minutes.


Start trade

Now, you can select the exchange and currency for arbitrage on the trading control interface, save it, and start the arbitrage trade.